The gorilla Harambe became an internet meme after a child fell into his enclosure and he was tragically shot. Central to the meme is that he acted heroically to protect the child. My video, with millions of views, is to my knowledge the only publication of argumentation in his defense that he acted to protect the child.


Did extraterrestrial microbes fall in Kerala, India?

Was FOX News right that the moon missions were a hoax?

Waco, 80 men, women and children died. Did the FBI really kill them?

Are contrails actually chemicals being sprayed on us?

Witnesses said a missile struck Flight 800, were they right?

Are the Chernobyl clean-up workers healthy?

Is radiation cancer risk compatible with the LNT risk model?

Why was the explosion of Fukushima Unit 3 so much larger than of Unit 1?

Did Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon on 911?

My eighth-great grandfather was Roger Williams, founder Rhode Island.

Will calorie restriction extend human lifespan?

Can soy beans promote brain atrophy?

Can buspar worsen Alzheimer's disease?


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